Rudder for Puffin

So this is the original rudder. The boats are launched stern first down the the steep beach and the rudder is fitted once afloat hence the long lower pintle to help locate above the waterline. This can be quite difficult in anything other than a calm sea!

The rudder is also really heavy. I have been thinking about a replacement which is lighter with the ability to be raised on the pintles for launching and recovery. The bottom pintle is 18inches long and I was thinking if the top rudder pintle was longer it could be raised and locked into place with a simple system on the rear deck?

Any suggestions.

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  • Your idea of the longer upper pintle sounds good.

    The weight of the original rudder is probably what helps keep it down when the boat is afloat.

    Might it help to locate if the top gudgeon was higher, as in the Yorkshire Cobbles?

    Are there any class rules regarding the rudder?

    Could it be made with a ‘kick up’ blade?

    Eliza (1900); Fishing vessel; Coble - National Maritime Museum
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