My uncle was an avid sailor and had a massive stroke, his boat, the Hanora is currently moored at Hog Island in Grenada.

It’s been sitting about 2 years and I know it needs a main mast and some of the teak decking needs to be replaced.

I am traveling there in May to check it out. I would love to restore her.

I am very mechanically inclined and a novice sailor at best.

Any advice or suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here’s all I know about her at this time.

Wood construction with teak decking and teak interior1949 double ender ketch of the William Atkins design in the Ingrid class LOA 37'

Displacement is 10 tonnes gross

Mizzen mast is sound but the main needs to be replaced

New sails in 2011 and new stainless-steel rigging in 2001

I was very close to my uncle he was an amazing man.

His son/my cousin said if I wanted to restore her she was mine.

Can’t really put into words what this means to me, so any advice, websites, or pointers would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  • thank you very much Mike!! I will definitely keep you posted, here's a pic of the lat time he had her out, probably about 6 years ago

    • Beautiful

  • Hi Ben,

    Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    But the silver lining to that cloud is that you have inherited what is potentially a superb boat.

    Atkins designed some beautiful seaworthy boats.

    I guess the first thing to do is to check her out thoroughly to see what needs restoring.

    There are some pointers here https://www.diy-wood-boat.com/Survey.html and here https://www.diy-wood-boat.com/Surveying.html

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about “Hanora”.



    Initial Boat Survey Checklist
    The initial survey questions to ask when looking at a Wooden Boat with a view to restoring or renovating
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