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As you can see this ‘Community’ platform is new for 2018.

My hope is that it will make it easier to tell us about your Wooden Boat, upload photos etc, ask any questions you may have about your boat and join in the conversations.

The idea is to put you in control of your content and hopefully become part of a community of wooden boaters.

I’d love to know what you think of the platform so far?



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  • Thanks mike, something refreshingly different. I’m still trying to understand how it work, cos I’m a bit interweb Er um.. illiterate, but I just make stuff. I’ve built a few boats so far, a houseboat and a few lug yawls. Lived on some of them, but am I’m hoping some may offer a few thoughts before I start building my pontoons in the next week or so as I can’t read plans.
    We really hope you keep up the great work and thanks for the effort you are putting in. Cheers and best wishes... please.
This reply was deleted.

To ask a question or start a discussion, click on the + top right.
You can then type right into the text box and add photos etc or you can write in a word processor, then copy and paste into the box.
Remember to click on the publish button, bottom left.

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Mike, It seems that I cant load a PDF of the plans. Here is a link instead. The New Spindrift

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