The Restoration of 'Mignonne'.

The photograph below only shows some of the damage that I needed to repair.

So why did I take her on?

First, I must admit that there was a certain amount of gut instinct involved, there was just something about the shape of her hull that appealed to me.

However, Mignonne also had the potential to fulfill my requirements and she was cheap.

I wanted a sailing cruiser, one which would be easily handled by an aging single hander.

As I was looking to my future plans to go off cruising on a long-term basis when I reach retiring age.

So a long keel, not too big, comfortable both for living as well as for being reasonably stiff and good load carrying ability.

Speed was not a priority however, looks were.

The beauty of buying a restoration project was…

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9 hours ago
Mike published an article
Brian Forsyth said he has “the boat disease.”
The cure: the Patuxent Small Craft Guild at the Calvert Marine Museum.
Read more by Sarah Fallin at The Calvert Recorder.
Mike left a comment for Hilton
" Great Blog, you really are getting on with her, well done.
Hope you don't mind me stealing the Photo below."
Mike left a comment for Hilton
"Looks good Hilton.
Looking forward to seeing more about the full-sized version."
Mike replied to Jon Sym's discussion New ribs in old carvel boat
"Hi Jon,
Good quality Oak is the traditionally recommended timber for ribs, however, it isn’t so easy to get that quality of timber these days, unfortunately.
Laminating frames sounds to be the simplest option but again there is a caveat.
The frames…"
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Mike commented on Barb McCullough-Jones's photo
"Wow Barb, the paint looks really splendid.
Lovely grain on the dashboard, it’s going to look sumptuous when it is varnished.
Keep up the good work.
Mike published an article
"Back to the hard grind. Just before Christmas, I finished varnishing the forecabin. I confess to feeling very pleased with it!"
Read more by Annie Hill at anniehill.blogspot.
Jan 14
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Jan 10
Mike commented on Andrew Robson's blog post 2 old gals
"I don't have an iPad so, can't comment on that but I do find things easier on a laptop.
Take your time, as you can see this is new to all of us.
Jan 9
Mike commented on Andrew Robson's blog post 2 old gals
"Hi Andrew,
it's an honour to meet you.
I’m assuming that the photograph is of “Maralia”.
She is a real beauty.
If that is her present condition, she really does you proud.
Looking forward to reading more about both boats or should I say little ships…"
Jan 9
Mike liked David Tanner's photo
Jan 8

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